Business Residency in Slovakia, European Union

Business Residency In Slovakia, European Union

Since 1996. we help businessmen worldwide to immigrate, get visa, and permission of stay in European Union.

Slovakia is one of countries within the free movement area of European Union also known as Schengen Area.

Once businessman obtains residency in Slovakia, person is free to travel and do business anywhere else within European Union.

Main conditions for Slovakian residency are company registration, business plan and evidence of posession of 20,000 euro capital.

We help with the evidence even if businessman does not have the full amount of money.

We provide business plan and company registration services.

Full support is provided so that businessman obtains residency in European Union.

Slovakia is one of countries in European Union that has easier to fulfil requirements.

Service Fees For Business Residency In Slovakia, European Union

Summary Of The Schedule Of Fees For Slovakian Residency

Description Service Fee
Company Registration and Residency in Slovakia US $1300
Preparation of business plan for common businesses US $400
Preparation of specialized business plan Inquire for fee
Loan of capital required for residency 20,000 euro or 10% US $2000
Full Residency Service US $6000

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Pictures from Slovakia

These pictures have been made during our travels to Slovakia to help businessmen of East Africa to obtain residency in European Union.

Procedure To Obtain Residency In Slovakia, In European Union

By reading the rest of this page feel free to understand the whole procedure on how to obtain residency in European Union in Slovakia.

Business Residency in European Union (Slovakia)

RCD Wealth has been providing business startup services since 2002, then residency services in various countries throughout of the world. Slovakia is an attractive destination because it does not require too many conditions as required by Austria, Germany and other countries of European Union. Business people residing in Slovakia can always travel anywhere within EU and do business in any other European Country such as Austria or Germany or Ireland.

Conditions for a business residency in Slovakia are the establishment of a company, business plan and proof of possession of 20,000 euros of capital.

We help our clients to fulfill all the necessary conditions, we establish companies, we write business plans who may even lend the capital for purposes of fulfilling such condition.

Client finds our Residency Europe services

RCD Wealth has been providing business services since 2002 to people around the world. We help with the establishment of companies, preparation and obtaining residence in various countries, America, Canada, all EU and European countries, Central America, countries of Africa and Asia, offshore countries, we provide trading services and business start-up services.

Thus, we also provide services for starting a business in Slovakia, member country of European Union, and obtaining residence for people who are not citizens or residents of the European Community.

We explain to the client the procedure, duration and conditions for residency in Slovakia

The procedure to obtain residency in European Union in Slovakia, may last 3 months provided that client has all the conditions for residence, and the main conditions are that he has his own registered business, i.e. established company, business plan and proof that he has 20,000 euros in his possession. If the business plan is not ready, we can help the client to get a business plan. If the capital of 20,000 euros is not ready, it can be loaned to the client for a short period of time for proof purposes.

The company itself must have a minimum capital of 5000 euros, but capital does not have to be paid in and is not a requirement to be paid in to establish a company.

We ask the client if he fulfills the conditions of residence in Slovakia

The client answers questions to see what conditions he meets for business residency in Slovakia.

We then explain to the client how he can fulfill these conditions more easily.

We analyze the answered questions and help the client understand how the conditions for residence in European Union can still be met.

The client pays for the establishment and business consulting services for the stay in Slovakia

Payment can be made in various ways, on our account, by payment by credit card, via Paypal, by cryptocurrency, with Western Union or Money Gram, WorldRemit and other ways.

The service for establishing a company and business consulting for the stay is paid 1250 euros in advance.

If it is necessary to write a business plan for the client, it is paid as additional service of 400 euros. Otherwise we provide support without payment if the client already has it or has someone write a business plan for him. The business plan must be written either in English or in Slovak language.

If necessary, we can help the client provide proof of capital from 20,000 euros even if he doesn’t have that much money. In that case, the money short-term loans to the client, and the client pays for the lending services.

When it becomes necessary for our side to travel to Slovakia for client and arrange accommodation, hire office, and do the physical preparation of the business, we charge additional US $4750.

By following our advice and guidance, client may spare that money and do many of business actions himself.

Together with the client, we prepare documents for establishing a company

In order to establish a company, other data about the client, the activities to be carried out and other details must be prepared. The client answers the questions, we help the client fill out all the necessary forms required for a stay in Slovakia and thus European Union.

We send the documents to the client in his country to obtain a certified signature.

The client then receives the documents by post and notarizes his signature in his country or possibly in the Slovak embassy.

The client sends back the documents to us for establishment of company.

The client sends the certified documents as pictures to us first via the Internet to check that everything is in order. After that, the client mails the documents back to Europe.

Company is then registered for the client

The establishment of the company takes 3 weeks and longer, the client is waiting for the establishment of the company. We inform the client during the procedure.

Company documents are send to client or client may come to get them personally

If the client wishes, he can come to Slovakia at this moment and open an account. But the account does not have to be opened because it is not a requirement for establishing a company in Slovakia.

The minimum capital of 5,000 euros is only promised to the company and does not have to be paid immediately.

We help client to prepare business plan in Slovak or English language

A business plan is a condition for obtaining a business residence in Slovakia and thus in European Union.

Such a business plan can be written in Slovak or English language.

It must be written to the standards expected in the European community.

If the client already has his business plan, we can help him for free to refine the document.

If the client wants, we can write a business plan for the client. Our service costs 400 euros if it is a common business.

We help client to provide proof of 20000 euro on bank account

One condition for a business stay is that the client needs to show that he has 20,000 euros.

If the client does not have the full amount, we can help the client borrow that amount in his country, of course with the payment of a certain commission to the person or company that lends him money in the short term.

It is necessary to make a statement from the bank account, which shows that the client has 20,000 euros of capital.

Such account can be private.

We help client to get place for accommodation and office

Before arriving in Slovakia, we can help the client find an apartment, house or offices or business premises. We recommend to the client business facilities or apartments where he can stay upon arrival.

We help client to complete any necessary forms for residency in European Union

It is necessary to fill out and prepare all forms carefully.

In those forms, itp should be shown that the company has been established, a business plan and proof of ownership of 20,000 euros should be added, as well as other documents that will show that the client will have an orderly business and will not use social service assistance in Slovakia.

Client submits the application for residency in Slovakian embassy

Client submits the application for residency in Slovakian embassy in his country or neighboring country, and waits for the approval of residency in European Union.

The embassy verifies the documents and approves the reisdency or demands additional documents

It may happen that the embassy has additional questions or requests additional documents. We solve it together with the client and meet the conditions.

European Union residency is approved for Slovakia

When the business stay is approved, the client prepares to go to Slovakia in order to resolve all other formalities.

Our assistance and help is included.

Client arranges arrival to Slovakia

The client comes to Slovakia and completes the necessary business steps, registration of residence, registration with other institutions, renting space, apartment, procurement of materials, obtaining other licenses or permits.

The client gets EU residency and thus the right to do business and travel anywhere throughout the European Union.

Residence in the EU is approved and the client receives an EU identity card. Travel is free everywhere throughout the Schengen area, and the Slovak company can perform services throughout the EU.

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Contact information of Mr. Jean Louis:

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