Residency in Europe for Kenyan Citizens

Residency in Europe for Kenyan Citizens

We help Kenyan citizens to get residency in Europe. European Human Rights, its constitution and each European country’s constitution and immigration laws allow specific skilled people, artists of any kind, journalists, medical personnel, scientists, engineers and other skilled professions to immigrate to almost any country within European Union. Students and pupils are free to get residency for purposes of education. Family members may get permissions to stay with purpose of family reunification. Businessmen of any kinds with enough capital and means for living may open up a new company and get permission to stay and residency in Europe.

We provide services of assistance to residency in all European countries such as Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, Estonia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Belgium, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Italy, including those smaller countries for wealthy individuals such as Monaco, San Marino, and others, and it also includes non-EU countries such as Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom, etc.

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We provide service to following categories

Schedule of Fees

This is schedule that lists some example services, not including everything. We offer services in every European country and each county has slightly different requirements.

Service Kenyan Shilling
Registration and profile at European Job Database 400 Ksh.
CV or curriculum vitae document preparation 2000 Ksh.
Assistance for self-employed sportists, artists, journalists 80000 Ksh.
Assistance for medical personnel to find a job 12500 Ksh.
University Application Assistance at 3 universities 6400 Ksh.
Scholarship Application Assistance 6400 Ksh.
Company Registration and Residency in Slovakia 156000 Ksh.
Company Registration and Residency in Germany 246000 Ksh.
Preparation of business plan 50000 Ksh.
Loan of capital required for residency 20,000 euro or 10% 250000 Ksh.

Immigration to Canada, United States

We also provide immigration services for Canada and United States, please contact us with your requests.

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