Residency services for Germany, Europe

Services to obtain residency in Germany, Europe

Residency Europe provides residency and immigration services for businessmen and other groups of people, for any European country, including Germany.

Since the begin of 2020 Germany has enacted a new immigration law that helps skilled persons to get residency in Germany even if they are not citizens or residents of Europea Union.

Now all citizens of Africa, Asia, South America, and other countries in the world may get residency in Germany for purposes of employment or opening your own business.

We also have the service to help students to get residency in Germany while on study. Students on study are also free to work part time and earn money.

Residency Europe provides residency services in Germany for following groups of people?

  1. Investors and self-employed businessmen who are either establishing their own business, or expanding branches of their existing businesses in Africa;

  2. Employees of businesses that are to immigrate to Germany as representatives of the business in Africa;

  3. Job seeking qualified persons for employment visa or work visa;

  4. Students who study either in university or any other school, language students or any other students;

  5. Family members of German residents or family members of African in Germany;

  6. Business visitors, trade fair agents and tourists to Germany;

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