Questions for people who wish to open a business in European Union

Questions for people who wish to open business in European Union

Residency Europe is service helping people to immigrate to European Union, but also to Canada, United States and other countries. For those people who have intention to open their own business we have made a set of questions. Please answer these questions that we may properly assess your present situation and guide you better with the residency service. Those people who already have their business or companies established in the country of origin shall give more information about it. Already established businesses are treated better and easier in European countries.

In order to assess your case and opportunity for residency in Europe based on business reasons, please answer the questions below.

Please let me know:

  1. What is your nationality?

  2. Do you desire residency in Europe? In which country?

    If you wish to go to Canada or United States, there may be some additional questions.

  3. If you already have business or company, let us know how long is your existing company already active in your country?

  4. Do you have documentation of your previous business activities such as balance sheets, contracts, evidences that company was active?

  5. What is your capital amount available for residency in other country?

    Please think that every European country, Canada and USA, wants to know that you will be able to sustain yourself without immediate access to social funds of the country.

  6. Do you intend to employ people in other country and how many?

  7. What is your planned monthly income with the business?

  8. Do you have any high school or university qualifications, diplomas or certificates and which one?

  9. In which country are you currently located?

  10. Do you have friends or relatives in European country? This is important to know as such friends and relatives may be helpful in the process of getting residency for you.

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